Falling behind!

Well, it is Fall of 2017! can you imagine that! Really! And I am 71 years YOUNG! Ha Ha HA…….


Anyway, this has been a year to say the least! I am so darn glad that the elections are over it was brutal! But this time our guy did win! We had a slow start of the year, then in June we took a sailboat trip (Flotilla of 10 sailboats) down to the British Virgin Islands for a week.  There were 8 of us, 6 from the neighborhood and a friends of one couple here from Houston!  We charted a bareboat 44+ ft. Catamaran and spent the week sailing around the BVI! What a trip, great weather, no storms that GOD! (Yes Ralph you)! SAM_1623 SAM_1636SAM_1637


We all had a blast and then cam the Hurricanes that hit TEXAS! we got belted with 2 of them, fortunately we are in Central Texas Hill country and we didn’t get hit with either one! 

Since June we took a trip to Idaho to visit with Kim & Tim and there families and then took a little road trip to see some things on the Bucket List!

SAM_1836 SAM_1841 SAM_1850 SAM_1883



Since our 4200 mile road trip we have been laying low and keeping cool.  This summer wasn’t as hot as some of the others but we were gone for a few weeks of high temps. Thank goodness!


Fall is here now and it looks like another yearly trip to the left coast to visit those poor souls who still live there for some “Holiday” feasts! Last time I was there I could not wait to get out, the traffic and noise and people drove me crazy! See living out here in the country where the closest store is 14 miles away is very calming….


So, will close for now and maybe in a month I will have more.


Here it is mid November!  Wow…..Glad that summer is over here in TEXAS! Gets a little warm for a few months. This Fall we seem to be getting a little rain because of El Nino …. So far around 7 inches. Maybe some more in the next few days…We bought a 20′ Pontoon boat last month and I have been working on it fixing it up, getting it registered  cleaning up the toons, tires, boat stuff. It runs pretty good and I am happy with it. When the rain stops and I get my spare tire I’m going to take it out for a day of fishing on the lake!

Mj is doing well, busy with her nature things all the time.  Doggie is ok and now about 46lbs and active as heck. Took her to Calr & Sue’s house yesterday to help Carl put up some drywall and she had a blast. She slept all the way home and pooped out with me at 8:30 PM slept all night and still did not want to get up!

Things have slowed down here for us so it looks like Fall will be a down time and maybe some travel time….



August 19, 2015

I cannot believe it! The last post I made was in Last December! Wow, I have been falling really behind….

So, lets make up for all that lost time….



The year started off good, we did have some rain here and we were able to get the garden in.  Our doggie LEXI we discovered has some kind of illness-heart problem-allergy issue that the vets cannot figure out.  She gets winded easy now so no more long walks around the Hood! We give her a XERTEC when she looks like she is breathing hard and try to keep her calm.


Rebuilt the Santa Sleigh this year and made a larger one for the yard art at Christmas, will post photos of it at Christmas time.

MJ & Stacey took a short trip to Canada & Washington for 4 days to see the gardens there and had a nice time while I doggie sat here. We had almost 4” of rain in June that filled up our lake here and caused the Cow Creek to overflow down at the road! We have been having more people doing new home construction now, seems like about 4-5 new homes in the past year already!

It has been dry for over 45 days now with no real rain, maybe in the next week we will get a shower, we could really use some as everything is crispy!

Not much going on, trying to stay cool….

December 2014 update

Well, since August we have been busy training our new puppy Lexi! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES She is a Australian Shepherd and is now 6 months old and full of energy!  In November we went to CA for Thanksgiving and to visit our  family members on MJ’s side.  We had a nice time, but it re-enforced why we moved here to TEXAS just more!  The traffic, people, congestion and overall crowds just make you want some peace and quiet like here!

Came home and did some of the yard Christmas decorating for the holidays, hung some lights, got the tree out and got into the sprit….

We had a community Christmas party 2 weeks ago, very nice, lots of people this year!

Doing a little outside trimming on some of the local cedar trees to see if I can get them reduced to fewer numbers here!

Not much else going on, Kim & Tim will be having Christmas at their places and Stacey & Diego will be flying Christmas Eve for 4 days to visit.  Would be nice to have them all here, maybe next year?

Anyway, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all.  Be safe smart and happy for what we have………

August 9 2014 update

Well, it looks like our summer heat week is here! Temps are going to hit the low 100’s for about 7-9 days! So far this year we only had about 3 days of 100 which is really good for us and way below the 2011 year when we moved here when we had 90 days of over 100 degrees. That was a hot year. Been doing little except doggie sitting and trying to train the pooch most of the days. Finally decided that we would keep her name ( Lexi ) .

Trying to get some things done early in the morning when it is cool, MJ’s garden has been good this year we have had several large watermelons, acorn squash, beans, snow peas and we have some pumpkins now planted.

Grass is turning a little brown even with the water from the rain barrels I put on it so guess I will just water it less and water the plants more.  We are down to about 2200 gallons of water in the last tank so hoping for some rain to fill both tanks up and wet the place down good.

Haven’t been very social in the past 2 months, doggie is kinda keeping US on a short leash with all the house training and obedience training we are trying to do. 

Not much else going on so will post more when things change, hope all of you are doing well and staying healthy…..

June 2014 Update

Well, Spring has come and gone now, we had a fairly cool spring with some light rains.  The water tanks are full for the yards and summer is now here.  Over the last few months things have been pretty quiet here, we worked on the garden and have a good crop of various food items growing well.  Our tomatoes are really doing well this year, and we have 3 large water melons so far. There are about 6 Acorn squish growing, some peppers (mild ones) and our potatoes look like they have cratered now.


All the Weather people say we are going to have a hot and dry summer, but I don’t think it will be as bad as our first year here.  Hopefully El Nino will arrive in September and bring the much needed rain to all of TEXAS and fill up our lakes again that are in much need of water.


Last week I was looking on Craigslist for a doggie, found a Australian Shepherd (female) that was about 7 weeks old.  We took a 2 hour drive on Friday down to McDade to check her out. We decided that she was a good fit for what we wanted, and got her.  The drive back home took us 3 hours because we had to stop at Pet smart & Wal-Mart to get doggie things like food, toys, bed etc.  She slept almost all the way home. First night she slept thru the whole night, then next night she woke up at 0230 and wanted to get out of her crate! I got up around 3:30 and stayed up from then on while holding her in the chair trying to get some extra sleep.

Yesterday we went over to Carl & Sue’s house for a party and took the pooch with us! There were about 19 guest there and they all loved here and she was pooped by 8:00 so we left.  Around 10:00 it was bed time for all of us I put her in her crate in one of the bathrooms with a radio playing quiet music, a dirty shirt of mine and some toys.  She slept the entire night! Happy Dance!

Seems like the pooch is doing pretty good for such a young age, take her out to potty and she goes on demand! Forgot what it was like to have a little one in the house! Darn dog has more toys and crap than I do already! Trying to keep her mellow during the day with brief periods of play time, then she naps.  She seems really smart, and has a nice personality just about all the time.

Here are some photos of the new family member……..



March 3, 2014 Update

Been a while since last entry here, not busy just not a lot going on.  In January we decided to take MJ’s mom from Midland and bring her here to Bertram to be in a care facility! Well that was a fiasco! Ended up making 2 trips to Midland in 4 days. One trip got me a ticket for speeding 7 mph over the limit in the middle of nowhere…. We finally got all that resolved and her settled into the place.  She was there for about 3 weeks, then passed on.  The rest of February was taken up with arrangements and trying to replace our worn out Infiniti I35 with 222k+ miles on it and started smoking on the way back from Midland in the middle of no place and in the dark!

We looked for weeks at replacement cars, test drove a lot, researched a lot and almost gave up! We looked at the VW Passat TDi and while we were there we test drove a used 2012 Infiniti M37. Anyway to make a very long story about how we finally decided to get that car we did get it! Lovely car, lots of extras, heated seats, heated steering wheel! XM, Navigation, Bluetooth, Tire monitor system and goes down the ROAD REALLY FAST! Zoooooooooom….Just gets low gas mileage 18-23! Darn…..


It has been dry for about 2 months with little rain, today it spit on us for about 30 minutes, lots of fog and cool days.  It is now 33 deg at 1:20 PM on Sunday and is expected to get down to around 25 by 9:00 PM tonight! Burrrr……That kind of cold freezes the pipes! Which I have to fix when it warms up!


Other than the above we have not been active in much anything else so all seems quiet here.  Maybe one or more of the kids will come and visit!  Anyway hope you all are doing well……

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